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​fFinding GREAT Tenants in Less Time!

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Protect your investment!

​Minimize risk to your property and bank account. Tenant Screeners will help you find and screen prospects for your peace of mind!

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​​Who We Are

Tenant Screeners Sources, Screens and Secures GREAT tenants across the GTA and Canada. We work alongside our clients to ensure excellent customer service. We have been providing affordable, customized, quality services since 2009.

It's hard to imagine, but the cost of a delinquent tenant can run you into the THOUSAND$$$...! 

This does not even include potential property damage, nor the time, stress and hassle associated with the eviction process. 

Tenant Screeners helps to minimize and mitigate risk by thoroughly qualifying and screening prospects before they become tenants. Our team of experts provide peace of mind in sourcing, screening and securing the best tenants for your rental property!

Tenant Screeners offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive and Remote Tenant Finder Services
  • Tenant Screeners Report (tenant's history/credibility/suitability)
  • Rent vs. Income Analysis (tenant's affordability)
  • Criminal Record and Background Checks
  • Preparation of Binding Lease Agreement
  • Expert Advice and Support

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What makes Tenant Screeners so Effective?

  • Our premium services are customized to meet the needs of our clients
  • We provide excellent customer service and hands-on support
  • Our experience and expert advice is reliable and trustworthy
  • Our proprietary Tenant Screeners Report evaluates and qualifies applicants
  • No sign-up, membership or ongoing monthly fees required
  • We service all provinces and regions across Canada
  • Flexible payment options available 

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