​fFinding GREAT Tenants in Less Time!

Tenants, get your Tenant Screeners Report!

1. Print off a copy of the Tenant Screeners  Application form, complete and sign it.

2. Submit the application form along with the additional documentation (photo I.D. and employment verification) in the section below.

If preferred, you can choose to submit the documents by fax or e-mail instead.

3. Purchase of copy of your Tenant Screeners Report to see what the landlord will be receiving (optional). Also you can apply for a Criminal Record Check (if applicable).  

I am a prospective tenant (applicant). Please find my completed Tenant Screeners Application and attachments below:

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​​Landlords, getting started is easy:

1. Print off a copy of the Tenant Screeners Rental Application form and give it to the prospective tenant (applicant) to complete and sign.      

​                                  or

2. Provide applicant with the following link to complete the Tenant Screening process themselves: www.tenantscreeners.ca/for-tenants.html 


3. Provide Tenant Screeners with the applicant's contact information below and we will connect with them directly. We will also process a Criminal Record Check if required.

I am a landlord or agent. Please help me screen the prospective tenant (applicant). Please find the details below:

Tenant Screeners Report

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